Sunday, January 13, 2013


she was standing there
in the grey sand
staring at the grey sea
that merged into a grey mist
which flew up to a grey sky
forming a grey everything
in the midst of that grey nothing
she was standing
with no horizon to set sail for
or no home to return to
there she stood
with her grey eyes
and her ashy hair
and her grey skin
and all that happened
was a grey, turning a deep black for the night
only to deceive her perception
so she would believe
that there was still a night and a day
so she would not feel too strongly
the curtain around her
that now reigned over the light
that once so dazzlingly filled her world
and try as you might
to wake her from her sleepwalking
she would not move a wrinkle
all the years wasted
all the wishes that were burrowed
all the dreams stolen
were hurting her head of thinking
thus she stood and waited
for the hurt to be gone
so she could move again
and lift that curtain
to walk after her wish again
to be herself
and no one else

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