Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Life

Let me be a tree
Earthbound yet free
So beautiful and strong
Silently living so long

With my head held high
And with birds who fly
Away from their grayish town
To rest upon my beautiful crown.

With lovers who carve
In my skin how they starve
For a love light like elves
Outlasting themselves

With an old and withered rope
That children full of hope
To swing while summer charms
Tied firmly to one of my arms

With a grave beneath my shadow
Which burrowed so shallow
That underneath the sleeping
Can feel me slightly weeping

Let lightning fall on me
Let rain kill its fire
Bring wind to gently stroke me
And sun to call me higher

Let me be a tree
Earthbound yet free
With marks all over my body
All deep but never bloody

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