Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fish are cool

Fish are cool. Lamas as well. And they're funny, yes they really are. Cats are beyond everything. Humans? Humans are bullshit. What a pity, I'm a human! And still I dare writing myself in capital letters. I'm so conceited. And besides, I wallow in self-pity. Fish are so cool. They don't feel, yet they've got so much emotion in their expression. Fish, they're just too good for this world. And cats are beyond everything. And the human being, it's just a cluster of cells that somehow manages to... well in fact humans don't manage anything! As I already said: they're bullshit. Ah, I forgot the lamas. These ever-spitting lovely beings. They're lovely indeed. And fish are so damn cool! And humans are bullshit. If they weren't, I wouldn't write this shit. Bullshit writing shit. Shit written by bullshit. Funny huh? I know people who are twice of my age but only got half of my brain. Funny huh? They try to teach me things. They call themselves teachers, don't know why - maybe because they try to teach? Did I already mention that fish are just too cool? And cats! Oh they're just beyond everything! And me, I still write myself in capital letters.

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